What is blue light?
Blue light, also known as High energy Visible (HEV) light, is a type of light with short wavelengths emitting from any digital screens that we use today. Natural blue light comes from the sun that is why it is very dangerous to stare at the sun. However artificial blue light comes from the screens that we spent hours staring at. Too much exposure to blue light is proven to cause eye strain, insomnia, eye fatigue, tiredness and many more health issues. Protect your eyes with our premium quality lenses!



Do these glasses have blue light protection? What about UV protection?
All of our glasses are blue light protected, which means they block out harmful light rays from electronic screens such as phones, computers, and etc. These glasses also have UV protection, which means they protect you from light rays from the sun at the same time.
Do you offer prescription lenses along with these blue light glasses?
Not at the moment, but not to worry. Our goal is to provide prescription glasses along with these blue light glasses by January 2020!
Can I wear blue light glasses with my contacts?
Of course, you can!


When will my order ship?
After you have made your order, payment processing and to ship out your product will take 1-2 business days. Business days do not include weekends or holidays.  
If I live outside of the United States (U.S.A), can I still purchase from Frame Fiends?
Unfortunately, we currently do not ship outside the United States. We are currently working on international shipping and it will be available soon.
How are taxes calculated?
Taxes are calculated based off of our location which is in the state of Florida. We charge 7.5% in tax fees. Our system will automatically add it on to the price of all the products you buy at the checkout page.


What do I do if I would like to change something on my order?
If any changes or cancellation of your order is needed, please contact us immediately. Once our warehouse has processed your order, we will not be able to make any changes until after you have received your product.
It states my order was “cancelled”. What does that mean?

If for any reason your ordered was cancelled, most likely there were chances that our fraud filter marked your order as fraudulent. If you are certain that this is incorrect, please order again with another card or through PayPal.

If you do not have PayPal, you can sign up easily at www.PayPal.com.


What is your return & exchange policy?
For more information, check out the Return & Exchange Policy page.


What if I want to become a Frame Fiends reseller?
If you’d like to become a Frame Fiends reseller, please email us at info@framefiends.com.
What if I want to become an employee for Frame Fiends?
Unfortunately, we do not have multiple job opportunities throughout the world. We are located in Orlando, Florida and strictly operated from our warehouse to our online store. You are required to live in Orlando, Florida for you to be able to work for Frame Fiends. If you believe you are qualified to be considered for employment, email us info@framefiends.com
Is there anything I can do to be an employee for Frame Fiends outside the company location?
There is a way. Check out our Become An Ambassador page.
Can I be featured in my pair of Frame Fiend Glasses?

We’d love to have everyone feature on our Instagram page! Simply send us a message in Instagram with your photo or just email it to us at info@framefiends.com.