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About Us

We are you. 

We spend an average of 6+ hours a day in front of a computer doing what we love.

We are digital nomads. We are entrepreneurs. We are digital artists and designers. We are video gamers. We are students. We are creators. We are fashion forward. We are here to make a statement.

We are you.

Frame Fiends was created with a goal in mind. To reduce the harmful effects of blue light on our sensitive eyes. 

This isn't a new concept by any means. However, we know that the vast majority of the population is not aware of the harmful effects of blue light. We're making it our mission to find you and educate you. 

We're making it our mission to provide fashion forward Blue Light Blockers at an affordable price.

We want our customers to be fully involved and understand our business model.

As of right now we only offer Frames with Blue Blockers Lenses. This is meant for anyone and everyone that finds themselves in front of a computer screen. Mobile screens and television screens have the same effect. 

Our goal is to provide prescription lenses/frames by January 2020!

Thank you for supporting us in our vision and thank you for helping us spread the knowledge behind our cause!