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Godzilla - Blue Light Glasses

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Godzilla - Blue Light Glasses

Our ‘Godzilla’ glasses are a perfect mixture of class, style and composure.

These glasses contain blue light blocking filters to protect your eyes from harmful rays that come off of digital screens.

Godzilla Dimensions
Frame Width: 5.50IN
Lens Width: 2.125IN

Protect your eyes from the harmful blue light emitted by digital screens like Computer screens, Smartphones, tablets, TV’s and many more!

Studies prove that harsh blue light emitted from digital screen are the main cause of tired eyes, red eyes, insomnia, and migraines.

Frame Fiends glasses STOP the harmful blue light from effecting your healthy eyes:

Animated GIF 

✔️ Stylish FF frames makes you look classy with any outfit, anytime!

✔️ FF frames are designed to be ultra light-weight to give you maximum comfort

✔️ Durable enough to last you a while

✔️ FF lenses are also UV protected as well as blue light protected

✔️ UNISEX glasses that are one size fit all, looks great on any face

All of our glasses also come with the following;

✔️ Frame Fiends suede glass case/

✔️ Frame Fiends microfiber glass holder

✔️ Frame Fiends microfiber cleaning clothe

✔️ Frame Fiends card to test blue light product

✔️ Frame Fiends blue light laser

There are many types of light that our eye can see. One of the most important, but least talked about harmful lights is blue light. Blue light is a huge threat to our eye as well as our health because it has one of the shortest wavelengths but one of the highest energies that it emits.

What are some things that have blue light;

❗️ Sun

❗️ Led lighting

❗️ Televisions

❗️ Computers

❗️ Tablet

❗️ Laptop

❗️ Smart phones

❗️ And the list goes on and on…

What makes blue light the most dangerous is the fact that we stare at these things that give out blue light majority of the day as well as be outside when blue light is emitted. So, majority of our day is spent harming our eyes, even at times before we go to bed.

So, in conclusion, our eyes are looking into something that emits blue light at all times especially with all the technological advances that occur on a day to day basis.

Blue light is one of the few lights that our eyes can’t protect us against. Unlike UV rays, where the cornea and lens of our eyes protect us naturally, our cornea lens cannot protect us from blue light rays and allows the light to reach our retina.

The retina is the inner lining of our eye and too much exposure in that area can cause some serious health issues.

Using blue light protective glasses whether it’s at home, in the office, outdoor, or even as regular wear can have many benefits to your health, such as…

✔️ Prevent permanent vision loss

✔️ Prevent clouding in the inner lens that worsens your vision

✔️ Prevent double vision

✔️ Prevent increased sensitivity to light

✔️ Prevent red eyes

✔️ Prevent dry eyes

✔️ Prevent watery eyes

✔️ Prevent itching eyes

✔️ Prevent irritated eyes

✔️ Prevent headache

✔️ Prevent back, neck, and even shoulder pain from discomfort due to your eyes

✔️ Prevent difficulty in concentration

✔️ Prevent sleep disruption

✔️ Prevent the feeling of not being able to keep your eyes open


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