Why Should You Buy Blue Light Glasses?

Why Should You Buy Blue Light Glasses?

Do you know roughly how many hours a typical person spends looking at an electronic screen on a daily basis?

According to CNN, we spend about 11 hours.

That’s 11 hours in a day out of 24 hours which is almost 50% of the day.

That’s 77 hours in a week out of 168 hours which is almost 50% of the week.

That’s 330 hours in a month out of 720 hours which is almost 50% of the month.

That’s 4,015 hours in a year out of 8760 hours which is almost 50% of the year.


In overall numbers, an average person spends about half of their lives looking at an electronic screen.

Right now, you’re probably thinking that there is no way you spend that much time on an electronic device. But think about it, throughout the day, how often are you looking at your laptop, computer, tablet, phone, and so much more throughout the day? You’re even looking at a screen right now while just reading this!

We love technology! Don’t think we don't. However, all the time we spend watching a screen is bad news for our vision and overall health.

How Can Screen Time Hurt Your Health

Blue light comes off of all the screens we look at from electronics. Too much exposure to these blue lights from electronic devices will affect our sleep cycle, cause eyestrain, and then eventually as time goes on from the damages it can cause permanent damage to your vision.

However, there is always a solution to every problem. If you were to wear a blue light glass it can help to decrease how much of the blue light is exposed to your eyes on a regular basis and from there it would reduce the negative effects on your health.

Like most of us, you spend a lot of time looking at an electronic screen (and if your reading this, that means you are still looking at one), then you may be wondering if you really need blue light glasses.

The Benefits of Buying Blue Light Glasses…

  1. You spend long hours each day in front of a computer, cell phone, or other digital device.

You might have to reply to emails at work, scroll through Instagram during your break, or binge-watch your favorite shows or movies on HBO late-night, all these tasks in front of an electronic screen adds up. From the multiple hours spent in front of a screen, this should be a sign that you need blue light glasses which can help protect your eyes and even prevent eye strain. Damage from blue light can add up, so the more you look at a screen without blue light glasses, the more likely you are to experience eye and health problems down the road.

  1. You feel symptoms of eye strain.
Have you been feeling headaches or blurry vision in front of the computer screen or your cell phone? Are you having a constant issue of red eyes, dry eyes, fatigue? These are all signs of blue light effects from the electronic screens you are staring at. Your eyes are working harder than usual to deal with the high energy wavelengths coming from these screens. Using a blue light glass keeps the eyes relaxed which reduces or eliminates symptoms of eye strain.
  1. You work long hours in front of an electronic screen at night.

Do you work overnight shifts at your job, are you a college student doing homework and studying all night, or are you a night owl who likes to stay up all night in front of your computer or television? Blue light glasses can help your body regulate melatonin production within the body. According to studies from Harvard Health, there have been links between low melatonin levels and certain types of cancer, heart disease, and even obesity.

These are all the things we want to avoid, so protect your body and eyes by using blue light glasses during your late-night sessions of work or school studies.

  1. You have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep.

Did you know that the reason someone always tells you to not stare into any electronic device before you go to bed is because the light from these devices has the power to alter your sleep cycle by suppressing the melatonin in your body, which it pretty much means it effects your circadian rhythm. The circadian rhythm is your internal sleep clock which helps with what time you should be going to sleep and what time you should be waking up. When your internal clock is thrown off, you’ll have trouble falling asleep while also lowering the quality of your sleep. Lack of good sleep has been linked to health problems in some point of your life such as depression, cardiovascular disease, and even diabetes.

Researchers at the National Center for Biotechnology Information, found that even though all light effects our sleep, blue light has twice the amount of effect of any light. That is why they advise us that we use blue light glasses during darks hours also, so our circadian rhythm stays aligned.
  1. You are concerned about your health whether it’s for the long term or short-term.

Here’s a fun fact. Blue light isn’t a technological invention. Matter of fact, its naturally emitted from the sun!

Our eyes are not meant to be constantly exposed to blue light, but we manage to expose our eyes to them about roughly 50% of the day. Blue light can penetrate our eyes natural filters and over time this can lead to some serious health issues and even worse some permanent eye damage. It’s also been linked to age-related macular degeneration, cone cell death in the retina, and even blindness.

I don’t know about you guys, but I wouldn’t want to risk these health concerns. Using blue light glasses limits the amount of blue light that enters your eyes and can help to keep your eyes stay healthy over time.
  1. You need an excuse to wear stylish glasses!

Just like you guys, we are also the average person living our daily lives. Even when we don’t use them to look at an electronic device, we also wear them for regular use.

So, if you had any questions about stylish wear, that’s a “YES” to if you can wear them for style. Think about it, your eyes are always protected from the blue lights of electronic devices as well as the blue light from the sun. No more worries about having to remember to wear the glass when you wear them all the time, wherever you go!


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