Is Harmful Blue Light From Electronics the Cause of Sleepless Nights?

Is Harmful Blue Light From Electronics the Cause of Sleepless Nights?

Are you one of those people like us who are always trying to have the best sleep possible from the moment you go to bed, to the moment you wake up?

Are you trying to sleep instantly when you lay down, did you want to sleep longer periods of time or did you want to sleep smaller period of time and still feel refreshed?

For proper functions throughout each and every day, we always focus on getting a solid night’s sleep, so we invest in this area the most. We look at products like a well cushioned mattress, temperature regulated pillow, or even a wake-up light alarm clock.

All these products are for use at night and while you’re in bed, while they also become very expensive. One thing we can do to avoid these expensive investments and to set yourself up for a very well restful sleep, hours before its time for you to go to bed, is to look into blocking out the exposure each and every one of us have to blue light.

Blue light is a type of visible light that is emitted from the devices you use every day, such as your smartphone, tablet, television, laptop, and any other electronic products that you as a person can view. Blue light is a short wavelength of light that produces a high amount of energy and our bodies tend to associate blue light with daytime. Since the body associates this with daylight, your internal clock is pushed back later and later which means that your sleep schedule and how you sleep is ruined. Overall, exposure to blue light (like looking at your phone before you sleep or watching television before you sleep) makes it harder for people to fall asleep.

In this day and age, technology is booming and since its booming, we are all surrounded by it. Majority of our day is spent being connected to technology one way or another and in an ideal world, we should put down these devices well before its time to sleep but most likely it’s not possible.

This is where the blue light glasses come in.

The idea of these blue light glasses (which are non-prescription now, but prescription glasses will be coming soon) blocks out blue light waves. Studies have shown that these lenses help to improve the overall sleep when worn throughout the day while looking at an electronic item or if you would not like to have them on all day, then just the last few hours before you go to sleep; if you were to look at an electronic item such as your phone.

The good news is that our go-to online eyewear brand has blue light protective material. Popular direct-to-consumer brand Frame Fiends offers blue light lenses along with the glass frame.


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